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There are many conditions that will result in slow or non-healing wounds.   Many cases involve vascular insufficiency or comorbidities slowing the healing process.  As physical therapists, we are trained to address all stages of wound healing.  Through the use of topical treatments, wound debridement, wound dressing as well as a wide variety of modalities to assist in the wound healing.  Your physical therapist will work hand in hand with your physician to devise the most appropriate treatment approach and assess treatment effectiveness.  All wounds heal at different rates.  Depending on the type of wound and healing process a patient can be seen as often as once a day, or as little as once a week.  Your physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation to assess your condition and devise a treatment plan to best address your symptoms.   All of our facilities are equipped with state of the art modalities and equipment to meet your needs.   Please visit our Toms River, Whiting, Manchester, Brick, Forked River, Freehold, Jackson, or Barnegat facilities and allow us to “give you your life back.”

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