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Amputations are performed for a number of different reasons.  Whether it is due to a traumatic injury, vascular insufficiency or disease, we recognize the need to overcome and restore function following amputation.  Through physical therapy, our goal is to utilize progressive techniques to help individuals post amputation to restore maximal functional capacity.  Our physical therapists will help patients to familiarize themselves with prosthetic management and utilization.   In lower extremity amputations, whether dealing with a below knee, above knee or foot prosthesis, our physical therapists will help to regain ambulatory function (ability to walk).  All of our facilities are equipped with parallel bars as well as sets of stairs with varying heights to help progress to ambulation.  Please visit our Toms River, Whiting, Manchester, Brick, Forked River, Freehold, Jackson, or Barnegat facilities and allow us to “give you your life back.”

Our occupational therapist, hand specialist, located in our Toms River, Whiting, Freehold and Jackson Facilities, can assist in helping patients learn how to utilize an upper extremity prosthesis for functional activities.

  • Below Knee Amputation
  • Above Knee Amputation
  • Foot or Ankle Amputation
  • Upper Extremity Amputation

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