Patient Center

Welcome to All-Care Physical Therapy Center! We are happy you considered us for your rehabilitation. We handle a wide-range of injuries & disorders. 

Initial Phone Call. Call the facility nearest you to schedule an evaluation with one of our expert physical therapists. If you are covered with one of our participating insurance plans, the receptionist will collect your insurance information to help assist you in the authorization & referral process with your insurance.

Initial Visit. During your first visit both our receptionist & physical therapist will need to gather some important information from you. You may Download & print the forms from your home and bring the forms in for your convenience. Or if you prefer you can fill out the forms at the time of your visit. If you have a medication list, you may bring it with you so you don’t need to write them down. These processes will not need to be completed at the subsequent visits. Please be prepared as your initial visit may be slightly longer.

Please bring the following items to your first visit:

  1. Your insurance card & insurance information
  2. Prescription for physical therapy from the doctor
  3. Photo ID/Proof of Address
  4. Insurance Referral (if required)
  5. Co-pay (if applicable)
  6. X-Ray Reports (if applicable)

After the receptionist processes your information, you will meet one of our expert physical therapists. They will spend approximately 30 – 60 minutes one-on-one with you to find out your particular needs. You may be asked to perform some exercises during this time to find out your range of motion.

Subsequent Therapy Visits. The number of visits & length of therapy vary according to condition & person. You will need to have 2 – 3 physical therapy visits per week. The visits can be for 4 weeks up to months. The physical therapist determines which exercises will best suit your condition after gathering the information during your initial evaluation.